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Pay your Fees in No Cost EMI

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Convert your course fee in easy instalments (EMIs)
  1. Fill your details in the form
  2. Contact Career Point Centre
  3. Submit KYC* documents
  4. Get approval for ‘No Cost EMI’

*KYC (Know Your Customer) Documents include Address Proof, PAN Card and Bank Statement.

Sample Calculation: No Cost EMI

Course Fee (Rs): A


Down payment: B


Loan Amount: (C=A-B)


Loan Tenor (months): D


Monthly Fee (EMI in Rs): (C/D)




1What is ‘No Cost EMI’?

It is an option for Career Point’s students to pay their fee in easy installments without any additional charge.

2How to apply for ‘No Cost EMI’ facility?

Students need to provide basic details in the form and then contact Career Point centre to avail the facility. Career Point Team will connect you with the EMI Service Provider.

3What is the process of EMI service provider?

EMI Service Provider will take copy of KYC documents including Address Proof, PAN Card and Bank Statement. In few minutes, Student / Applicant will get update about their request for No Cost EMI approval. The process will be completed on acceptance of the proposal by Student/Applicant.

4Are there any Interest charges on No Cost EMI?

As the name suggests there are no interest charges to students on ‘No Cost EMI’.

5Will there be a requirement of any collateral or security?

No. To avail the No Cost EMI facility, student / applicant is not required to give any collateral security.

6What is the Refund Policy in case of cancellation of the course?

Refund and Cancellation Policy at Career Point - mentioned in the Admission Rules – is same for both category of students one who avail ‘No Cost EMI’ facility and others who do not. 

7Can the Student /Applicant pre-close ‘No Cost EMI’ facility? If yes, any charges?

Student / Applicant can pre-close the No Cost EMI facility by paying outstanding due amount to EMI Service Provider. There are no extra charges for pre-closing.