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Last 50 Days Strategy For JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2020

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Last 50 Days Strategy For JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2020

Amidst the lock-down in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, there is an immense opportunity for the JEE aspirants as well as for the students who are preparing for other competitive exams. Additionally, if this opportunity is combined with the right strategy then you can easily crack these tough exams. It is very important to utilize this period which has been created by the lock-down due to COVID-19, to get better at your performance and not get the negative impact of this situation on you. As ultimately the exams will be held and your performance in these examinations will decide the colleges that you will get. Hence, it is important to remain motivated, confident and move ahead by strategically planning your studies. These are the words of Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari, Academic Director of Career Point.

He further states that—

“We know that we are having a different mindset right now, but it is important to control it. Always remember that tough times are not everlasting. Soon the situation will change and you will write your exams.”

Mr. Maheshwari also puts light on the present situations and says that, as you all know that JEE main exam has been postponed till my last week, and according to the present situation if everything went well, then you all will have your JEE main examination in the last week of May. After the JEE Main examinations get over, 2.25 lakh students will be allowed to write for the JEE advanced exam.

As per the current situation and the past experiences, JEE advanced is expected in the 2nd to 3rd week of June. If you look at the stats of JEE main January 2020, the NTA had conducted the examination from 7th to 9th of January and had released the candidate’s percentile score on the 17th of January. That is, they had released the scores within the time of one week, and after JEE main April 2020 gets over, you can expect your results to be out within a one week to 15 days’ time period. After which you may get two to three days of the time period for the official notifications and another 2 to 3 days to fill up the JEE Advanced 2020 forms. Furthermore, the papers of JEE Advanced will be conducted till the 21st of June. So you should expect less gap between JEE Main and JEE Advanced this year. You should consider that this extension period will cover up the gap that you would have got otherwise between these two examinations.

Strategy for this period (around 50 days)

Since you have the whole April left with you and may get additional time till the 20th of May, you may get a period of 50 days to hone your JEE preparations.

As you are locked down in your home and don’t have any disturbance and distractions, you must look down on what should be your perfect day plan or say your studies schedule. And also look at the dos and don’ts in this period.

So in order to get all the insights into the last 50 days strategy for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2020 watch the video where the renowned JEE Guru and Academic Director of Career Point Mr. ShailendraMaheshwari has shared his views and immensely important information.



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