About Programme Career Point is coming up with mega-expansion in forthcoming academic session and to meet its requirments, a mass level Faculty Development Program (FDP) is being launched.
Eligibility to apply for FDP
  • B.Tech./B.E. /M.Tech./MSc./M.B.B.S./B.Pharma/M.Pharma or any other relevant Bachelor’s Degree
  • Freshers may also apply
Selection Process Online Test (Subject Knowledge & Aptitude Test) followed by online personal interview
Training Procedure
  • Online interactive sessions by experts: On various topics integral to teaching will be taken by Expert Trainers
  • Knowledge Development Phase (At Home)
    • As per the suggested sequence, FDP will start studying topics and will solve & submit exercise sheets solutions
    • Chapter Tests
    • Discussion Class – Batch wise feedback shall be given to faculty
    • Candidate will prepare teaching notes and will submit for evaluation
  • 15 days Extensive Contact Program at Kota
    • Demo Classes practice Session with feedback at corporate office Kota (for 10-15 days)
    • Full Syllabus Tests shall be conducted every day (minimum 7 tests)
Training Flow
    • Go to My Profile — > My Course
    • Find all the subject lecture videos in Video Section of the course
    • Exercise Sheets, Solutions, Schedule, NCERT Books are available in Concept Section of the course
    • Self Assessment Chapter Tests are available in Test Section of the course
    • You can take these Subject Lectures (Videos) on Android Device or on PC/ Laptop
    • Instructions to take these Subject Lectures on PC/Laptop are available in About Course in Concept Section
  • Working Instructions
    • Read the lectures as a student as per the schedule given
    • You may regulate the video speed
    • Solve Exercise Sheets and upload on your google drive shared with
    • Prepare Teaching Notes
  • How to Upload Sheet Solutions and Notes
    • Create a shared folder in your google drive
    • Name the folder as follows : < Subject>_< Your Name>_< Date of Joining>
    • Create one more folder inside it with the chapter name : < Chapter Name>
    • Keep your documents in this folder
  • Expert Guidance Session
    • Few core lectures to enhance your teaching skills are being made available to you in the Expert Guidance Session in Video Section of your course. These lectures are prepared by Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari (SM Sir) Director Academics, Career Point.
    • Attend these lectures before starting subject lectures as per the given sequence.
    • You may run these lectures on Android Device only
    • Work as per the instructions given by SM Sir in these lectures
  • Support Please email your details with your registered email ID and Phone Number in case of any assistance
    • For Technical Assistance:
    • Academic and FDP Assistance:, 9079134718
    • HR Assistance:, 9057532004

    You may accelerate your pace and move ahead of the FDP schedule. In such a case you are advised to follow the same sequence although you may speed up your pace.

Training Material
  • Online recorded video lecture library of experience faculty ( For 3 months)
  • Subject-wise Study Material for JEE & NEET / Class VI – X (as the case may be)
Training Duration a. Maximum 3 months for JEE/NEET Division
b. Maximum 1.5 months for Foundation Division (Classes VI – X)
c. A rigorous academic training will be imparted to the candidates before they are entrusted with the teaching responsibilities
d. Stipends are subject to Excellent performance during the program and Regularity in submitting assignments as per schedule.
Note: However candidates may work hard and may complete the assigned tasks in a lesser period.
After Training
  • A certificate with grade to a candidate on successful completion of FDP
  • Job opportunity at CP Branch/franchisee/SIP/Online subject to availability
  • Note: It is not a placement-guaranteed program, However, we give priority to the candidate who has successfully completed FDP. Your placement at any of our centers is dependent upon your performance during training.
Subjects XI/XII + JEE/NEET: Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics | Biology
VI-to-X + NTSE : Science | Maths + MAT | English | Social Science
Registration & Test Process
Fee Details Registration Fees: Rs 200/-
Study Material & Video Lecture Sincerity Fee : Rs 10,000/- (To be paid by candidates once he/she gets selected for FDP.)
For Test Process: Download eCareerPoint App.
How to Apply
Apply Online Click Here
For any query contact 9079134718