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Pre-Foundation Courses for Class 6th to 10th

Residential Offline Course at CP Gurukul (Residential) Campus

Offline Course

Integrated Coaching at Residential CP Gurukul School for Class 6 to 10.

Live / Online / Distance Learning Courses @ Home

Live Courses (CP-Live) for Class X

Early X + NTSE & Olympiad Live Course

Live Courses (CP-Live) for Class IX

Early IX + NTSE & Olympiad Live Course

Tablet/Pendrive/SD Card/Online Recorded Courses

Get Tablet/Pendrive/SD Card/Online Recorded Courses (CP-eTutor) at eCareerPoint

Study Material Package

Get Study Material Package with Free Online Test series for NEET exam preparation.

Online Test Series

Get Online Test Series for JEE 2022 exam preparation.

Micro Courses

Get unit and Chapter wise Micro Courses for JEE exam.