NEET 2024 Answer Key & Solution
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NEET Courses for Class 12th Pass Students

Courses for NEET 2025

Offline Course at CP Tower Campus

Target course for NEET 2025

Regular Theory Classes | Complete Study Material | DPPS & Exercise Sheets Solving Classes | Doubt Removal Sessions | Regular Tests | Performance improvement seminars.

Residential Offline Course at CP Gurukul Campus

NEET Dropper Batch

(Coaching + Hostel + Food & all facilities are within campus spread over 20 acres)

Live / Online / Distance Learning Courses @ Home

Live Target Courses for NEET-2025

Join Live Target course for NEET-2025 preparation. This course includes detailed coverage of theory in a sequential and rigorous manner, doubt removal session (interactive two-way audio-video)

Classroom Test Series for NEET 2025

Join Classroom Test Series for NEET 2025, an exceptional program designed to propel your exam preparation to new heights by providing you with daily practice and scientific revision to reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

Tablet/Pendrive/SD Card/Online Recorded Courses

Get Tablet/Pendrive/SD Card/Online Recorded Courses (CP-eTutor) at eCareerPoint

Study Material Package

Get Study Material Package with Free Online Test series for NEET exam preparation.

Postal Test Series (PTS) for NEET 2025

Sealed Test Papers with sealed detailed Solutions to Increases speed, accuracy and builds confidence

Online Test Series

Online Test Series for NEET 2024 prepared by Kota’s expert faculty members with detailed solutions.

Ranker's Package for NEET

Collection of approx 3000 important questions based on application of concepts covering the entire NEET Syllabus

Micro Courses

Unit and Chapter wise Video lectures by expert faculty members so that you can strengthen your week areas efficiently in affordable manner.