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FUEL Program for Student Mentoring

  • “Formula of Ultimate & Effective Learning (FUEL)”  is the intensive Mentoring program for the students who are associated with Career Point directly or indirectly.
  • In this program students will be mentored and guided by the Directors of Career Point for their academic upliftment and other non academic activities so that a better rank can be achieved by them.
This is a three layer program
  • Layer -1 : Students will be called directly through phone and will be guided for their problems they face 
  • Layer -2 : A combined Zoom Session will be scheduled weekly as webinar to deal with following topics
    • How to manage time.
    • How to attempt a question paper.
    • How to balance between boards & JEE/NEET.
    • How to solve numerical problems.
    • Revision Strategy.
    • How to keep yourself motivated.
  • Layer -3 : Here students can book a slot from Monday to Saturday  to meet the Director of Career Point to discuss & resolve their issues individually.

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Following Students can take benefit of the FUEL
    • CP Kota Classroom Students
    • CP Centres Classroom Students
    • eCareerPoint Students
    • DLP/ELP/CTS/PTS Students